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Attention Houston: Crescent City Beignets!

Top of the morning to you my Food Lovers!

When in Houston, what does one do? Whyyyy they try beignets every chance they can get! HaHa, fortunately, I've had one before at a friend's wedding years ago as my introduction. But if you have NOT then, allow me to fill you in on these delightful fried bites of yumminess.

Beignet is the French term for a pastry made from deep-fried choux pastry. Ingredients include lukewarm water, granulated sugar, evaporated milk, bread flour, shortening, oil/lard for deep frying and confectioners' sugar for the topping.

Whatever it is, the $hit is magical, and as I grabbed me a section of Houston to explore, EyE bumped into thee restaurant called Crescent City Beignets. They have a full menu, from getting one item to dinners served after 5:00 pm. I opted for one beignet and a cup of the Chicken and Andouille Sausage. 

New Orleans vibe and food cravings fulfilled! I've yet to meet a place where the food vibes are so strong and rich in culture. I promise you every NOLA bred family/friend that I have has this level of hospitality I dream of becoming. No doubt the food was yummy and you should dine there, but I was greeted with a hug and left with a hug. Miss Linda telling me, "You be careful out there, and come back and see me."

Yessss ma'am. 

So do yourSelf a favor, and if you're ever in the neck of Houston, TX near San Felipe Street, stop by in the Tanglewood Court and grab you a bite!



The Smitten Chef 


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