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Ecstasy Perfume

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Lightly fragranced with a natural aphrodisiac, this perfume was created after falling in love and being reminded of how to care for yourself first, while also smelling yummy enough for the man of your dreams to wanna eat you up! Dab on your wrists and be reminded of your inner goddess every time you wave your hands... or place behind your ears or neck, so that when you hug your love, they too, are drawn in. A word of caution, this perfume has been known to make you feel absolutely FABULOUS, SEXY, FREE and SOFT.

We all need go-to items and simple reminders in our lives of how BeautyFull we are. Grab yours today and Expect Miracles! 

Product Information:

10 mL (0.33oz) roll-on perfume. 

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Fragrance.